Edo Hannema Watercolour Art

Landscapes of Rembrandt in watercolour

Article from ariejekelart.nl Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn does not need an introduction. When you google the name Rembrandt, you get more than 37 million results and almost every result refers to the master himself; his birthplace, the streets where he lived, the city of Amsterdam, his country, museums, schools, walks, cafés and so on. Remarkably, unlike other artists, Rembrandt is primarily known by his first name. Rembrandt’s oeuvre consists of

Water Color Papers and Sizing

sizing does matter Troubleshooting Paper Problems: When The Sizing Goes Bad. I found this blog from Karen Sioson a few years ago. She explains wonderfully why it is you have sometimes trouble with your watercolour paper. Karen is a very good artist and her specialty is flowers. Her website you can find here https://karensioson.com/ I will attempt to share with you a simplified explanation of what sizing is, just enough

Christmas time

This time of the year we all think of family and friends. What we did do and what we didn’t do and plan to do next year. Or even make new plans and set out a goal. All things I think of. But for now this is probably my last post of 2018 And you all know I am not very busy with my posts on my website. But I

Farm in Assendelft

The landscape I made a photo from many years ago. You have to go in wintertime to see this because its now all green, no farm in sight from this point of view. The Sketch with Indian Ink and grey watercolour with my Kremer pigment set. This one is on Cartridge paper that can take some water too. The watercolour I decided to make the land flatter so the fence

Painting a Dutch Landscape

This is a Frisian landscape. I painted this before, and it thought it would be nice to make a movie from it. Hope you all like it, have fun watching. If you like it please give me the Thumbs up, its a new thing for Google for ranking video’s on you tube. The movie is on You Tube in HD video Thanks in advance!    by Edo Hannema

Some news from me

Hello my friends and subscribers, I am very honored you all subscribed to my website, I am just a hobby painter with a big heart for watercolour and everything got to do with watercolours. I am very busy at the moment to make videos on you tube. Its not a easy task to make a video that is from reasonable quality. But I did get help from my friend Arie


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