Farm in Assendelft

The landscape I made a photo from many years ago.
You have to go in wintertime to see this because its now all green, no farm in sight from this point of view.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-14 om 11.12.13

The Sketch with Indian Ink and grey watercolour
with my Kremer pigment set.
This one is on Cartridge paper that can take some water too.

20181006_144949 (1)

The watercolour
I decided to make the land flatter so the fence did overlap the houses so I got more unity.


Also I have news, in the new year my website space will be not here anymore.

Well that is the plan. My new webspace is over here.
You can follow me there also. I hope you all do!
In the wintertime I will add you all to my new website as a follower if you did not do this yourself al ready.
The reason is that my email client doesn’t support so many followers.
That is… they don’t do it for free. so I need to move things!

Best regards Edo

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6 thoughts on “Farm in Assendelft

  1. I like watching your painting, and I like the loose technique. Thank you Edo for sharing this.

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