On our dinner table stands a Hydrangea, it is a nice plant, and it is also a bit of a neat version.
You could say they all make the perfect Hydrangea’s at the plant grower.
And when you paint it like this it will be a watercolour, but not a exciting watercolour.
Like a modern building is boring we painters like a bit of old style, a old shed or fence that brake down a bit. We like that.
So I opened this photo in a photo application and tried to make it more the way I like it!

I added some flowers with the clone stamp, I blurred the image a bit and gave it a lighter look.
Okay now it is out of focus and looking more creative then the photo.
But will it work?
My next thing is to make a sketch from this blurry picture, and keep the shadows in mind!
Saving the whites and building up the flowers.

The sketch was done with a BIG wide graphite pencil.

Also I used this pencil to avoid details.
I sketch’t in the shapes of the flowers and the shadow sides. I decided to loose the light green pot and make it glass to have a bit of interest here too!
In real there were no flower stalks because it is a plant with compost!
But we are free to make what we want don’t we?

So I chose my colours and hoped for the best!
I didn’t look at the original photo anymore, but just used the sketch as a guide.
There was a moment I thought I could not do this, because I seldom make flowers.
But I went on and just what Joseph Zbukvic mentioned in his last dvd, forget the subject just paint what the watercolour is needing helps a lot!
Loose the light were you don’t want it, and bring in the darks where they are needed!
In this stage I really cannot explain a lot how I make these watercolours, because it  comes from intuition a lot. Maybe when I do more flowers I could make a movie about it.

This is the end result, some of you have already seen it on Facebook or Twitter, but this is the small story behind it.

Paper: Saunder Waterford rough 140 lb qrt sheet
Pigments: Rembrandt

Thank you

Edo Hannema


12 thoughts on “Hydrangea

  1. Kijk zo doe je dat! Niet zomaar schilderen wat je ziet maar wat je ziet als inspiratie gebruiken en je laten leiden door wat je erbij voelt! Geslaagd werk Edo. Ik denk dat Kees het ook kan apppreciëren.

    • Dankjewel Arie, Robert Wade doet het ook in zijn boek watercolour solutions. Wel met photoshop. Ik gebruik Gimp. Is ook best goed. Op de helft dacht ik ik gooi hem weg. Maar het is toch wel leuk geworden.

  2. Absolutely stunning….fresh, crisp. I love the color choices, the crisp white paper for the lights in the flowers, and the overall transparencies of the painting. For my taste, however, I would have liked to see more interesting negative shapes in the upper third of the painting instead of shapes looking like bite marks on each side.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! I think you are right about the toothmarks. its why I would have stopped half way. but the I thought why not go further, its al ready ruined. but then it came alive al of a sudden! When you look at my work you wil notice their are not many flowers. so I am still learning, and have a lot to learn about flowers!

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