Lighthouse IJmuiden

This little picture was all I needed for making my last watercolour.
It seems how more information you have, and how sharper the picture is, the more you begin to fiddle to get the so called true on paper.

A large wash was applied in the begin, and I took special care not to touch the lighthouse, I left some white spots on the same height of the lighthouse, to get here my centre of interest! Colours used are French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna, and a touch of Raw Sienna in the sky.
The green for the lighthouse were, Cobalt Turquoise and Raw Sienna.
Pier Ijmuiden

Try also to paint from this kind of little pictures.
Make a black and white copy, so you can make your own colours.
Cause if you paint from a colourphoto, the change is that you try to get close to the origin colour.
Well that wil never work, there isnt a paintbox with enough colours to copy nature!
So paint from b&w small pictures
That is all you need to make a nice watercolour!
Regards Edo

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