Low Tide watercolour

Low Tide

You wake up with a idea.
Low tide and dark poles in the water.
Keep it simple and enjoy.

The idea as sketch

The First Wash

Painting the poles

The finished watercolour.

When you inspired by this little watercolour and make one yourself.
Please give me or my website some credit!
Thank you

Painted on:
square Saunders Waterford CP (not) paper 140 Lb 28X28 cm




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  1. Happy New Year! Very nice! I see you’re off and running already. I have been inspired by your prolific output and dedication to painting everyday. So much so that I have promised myself to paint everyday, too – even if it’s just a small watercolor. And I also plan to do at least one sketch per day. Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Thank you Linda, when I can I paint on daily bases, but sometimes it is almost impossible, and then I draw indeed in stead. like the small sketch I did in the article. takes you just minutes! And I love to share!

  2. Exellent Edo!

  3. Robyn

    You always make simplicity look so beautiful Edo. I love this little painting!

    • This one I thought this morning,, a image came into my mind, and then all it needs is to get on paper! Thank you so much Robyn!!

  4. Thank you Edo, All that seems so simple when we know it takes so much time training.
    Have a very nice year 2018.

    • Thanks Philippe, to make a wash like this you have to know how wet your brush is, and know how thick the pigment is you feed in the wash. But all this know how is just do a lot of these washes! Happy 2018

  5. LECLAIRE Danielle

    merci pour cette aquarelle, simple, belle et fraîche, c’est toujours un plaisir de contemplation.

  6. Beautiful , inspiring work…. !

  7. Mart van den ekart

    Ga vooral zo door Edo ! Heel leerzaam allemaal .

  8. Kanya Kelly

    I only got a few minutes to look at this time.The first one I saw is so fascinated I’m in Love with your paintings I have been inspired by your post from time to time .Fourtnatly got the chance to contact you on fb page. I will come back for more and definitely will spread the words to others.

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