Edo Hannema Watercolour Art

Low Tide watercolour

Low Tide You wake up with a idea. Low tide and dark poles in the water. Keep it simple and enjoy. The idea as sketch The First Wash Painting the poles The finished watercolour. When you inspired by this little watercolour and make one yourself. Please give me or my website some credit! Thank you Painted on: square Saunders Waterford CP (not) paper 140 Lb 28X28 cm #StCMill #saunderswaterford


I received many questions about painting greens. When you paint a landscape, apart from painting a desert, you always have to paint that green. a lot of us have problems painting greens. and in their watercolors it is often out of balance. A small lesson in what we see, we see color cause it is reflecting in our eyes, when it is dark less colour is reflecting so you see

Painting critique

Recently I painted a watercolour from some trees and farms in the neighborhood from Burgerbrug (North Holland). It was and still is beautiful weather when I write this , the grass was vibrantly green, so I decided not to paint in my usual greens, but in a lighter version. I added a shadow in the foreground, not to dark, otherwise I was afraid to spoil the fresh green. I posted

Two movies about Mixing pigments

I try to tell why it is you get mud sometimes when you mix watercolour pigments. After awhile you have a palette with colours on it that works for you, and you know which paint you dont have to try to mix with others, and better can use on his own. And other pigment you simply cannot go wrong with! Images telling more then words, so a movie tells even

My John Pike palette and Colours

I receive a lot of questions about my colours. I don’t have a lot of colours, for landscape art your palette can be taken down to earth colours. Thanks Best regards Edo

video Painting a windmill in wintertime

I painted this on a live stream on Facebook. I used a few colours. Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and Olive green. Brushes W&N Squirrel mops and a small Escoda Perla. The watercolour


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