Two movies about Mixing pigments

I try to tell why it is you get mud sometimes when you mix watercolour pigments. After awhile you have a palette with colours on it that works for you, and you know which paint you dont have to try to mix with others, and better can use on his own. And other pigment you... Continue Reading →

My John Pike palette and Colours

I receive a lot of questions about my colours. I don't have a lot of colours, for landscape art your palette can be taken down to earth colours. Thanks Best regards Edo

video Painting a windmill in wintertime

I painted this on a live stream on Facebook. I used a few colours. Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and Olive green. Brushes W&N Squirrel mops and a small Escoda Perla. The watercolour

A Loose Watercolor

I am often asked how do you make those loose watercolors, do you have any tips how to make them? Can I learn that too? Of course you can, but painting loose is not as easy as it looks or appear. Painting Loose is planning your brushstrokes, and plan them in the most minimal way. When... Continue Reading →

Lighthouse on Millford paper

I just love to paint lighthouses, living in a fishing town I could chose which one to paint! I have six in the near neighborhood! but I have my favourites here too! I am always attracted to the two green ones. So I decided to get my sketch from the sketchbook, and make a proper watercolor... Continue Reading →

Painting a watercolour… again

Maybe you recognize this? You love painting watercolors and see such a nice subject! You paint the scene and love what you just created. Then  you look at it for a while and it ends up in a box, after 10 years you search for something else and find your piece of art again! It's absolutely... Continue Reading →

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