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Hello my friends and subscribers,

I am very honored you all subscribed to my website, I am just a hobby painter with a big heart for watercolour and everything got to do with watercolours.
I am very busy at the moment to make videos on you tube. Its not a easy task to make a video that is from reasonable quality. But I did get help from my friend Arie Jekel, he is a fellow painter and know a lot from making videos in high standard and also a excellent photographer! check out his work on his website

If you like his work check out his workshop soon in The Netherlands!

Arie on the right, the smiling buying dude is me!

Further I have painted a lot of landscapes, I am searching for a new method of painting, One layered paintings. It must be flawless without mistakes. So I begin with easy pictures and gradually build up the difficulties. so far so good.

Here a watercolour I made from a photo from Hennie Kroezen, so nice to have friends with great sources you may barrow! She did visit the Isle of Schiermonnikoog and it was for me very inspiring to make!

The source from my watercolour below

Also a few new videos on my You Tube Channel, if you are not subscribed to my channel please do, because I am not always post about it here.
The address is

The newest video I did in Dutch, I thought when I narrate the video in English it is still okay. well maybe it is nice to watch, but all the background sound of brushes waterpots, the crackling of the paper is gone. So next time I just make one in English, or do two paintings in both languages.
This is the English narrated one.

And the Dutch

My painting from the Biesbosch is also a new painting.
A little bit more difficult, but still in my one layer style

Well thats all

Best regards and Happy Painting
Edo Hannema

all paintings are made on St Cuthberts Mill paper Saunders Waterford 140 Lb not

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8 thoughts on “Some news from me

  1. Hello Edo

    Your blogs are interesting to follow and your paintings are nice to look at.
    I am an “urban sketcher” with a blog you may wish to check out at:
    Johnhofman.wordpress .com

    Best regards.

    1. Thank you very much John! I just checked your site! your sketches are beautiful! My sketches are more for watercolour reasons. dark light and so on! I should more sketch, it will improve my painting skills! regards Edo

  2. I am really enjoying your website ,it is full of interesting blogs ,artists , links and obviously your amazing paintings and tutorials.thank you so much xx

    1. Thank you very much Maxine, its a hotspot with all things to do with watercolour. Its a space for me to keep it all together in one place.

  3. Ben net begonnen met Aquarel. Je inspirerend mij enorm. Vriendelijke groet Brenda

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