A practice on plain drawing paper.
Not every watercolor have to be a masterpiece,
Its good to practice on cheap paper.
Here I used 200 grams drawing paper, this paper can take a lot of water, you have to search for drawing paper that is capable to do so!
Daler Rowney makes also excellent heavy weight drawing paper that is good to make quick watercolors!
On this one I used just two colors for the first wash.
French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna.
Make sure to leave interesting whites for boats and so on.
After drying  I painted the town and the boats with the same colors.
Don’t paint it in one tone, but  make color swatches and loose edges.

The I added some details, and small colorful little dots,
that attract the eye to make it the center of interest!

Alwyn Crawshaw used to say:
“Why dont you have a go?”

2 thoughts on “SPAARNDAM

  1. Edo , how interesting ! I will give it a try! Here in the USA we say ‘give it a try’ and across the pond it’s ‘give it a go’
    and yes! I have Alwyn Crenshaws book also !
    and use to watch his TV show.. Thank you so much Edo .. your so willing to share..I am following you everywhere ; LOL !! I also have a blog called Art Hearts Place . If you care to see it , it has a little of everything.. although I’ve been practicing w/c for 25 years I still can’t get ‘that look’ I want..
    best regards, BJ

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