Kremer Grey Box

Voor Nederlands KLIK HIER
A while ago I was scrolling on Instagram and noticed a photo posted
by Barbara Luel. What I did not immediately saw is that it was a repost from Simone Ridyard, an Architect and … Read more

Water Color Papers and Sizing

sizing does matter

Troubleshooting Paper Problems: When The Sizing Goes Bad.

Karen Sioson

I found this blog from Karen Sioson a few years ago. She explains wonderfully why it is you have sometimes trouble with your watercolour paper.

Karen is a very

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Aubrey Phillips

Back in 1987 I began my journey in watercolor, eager to learn paint watercolors.
In those days I saw a great future in front of me. John Pike was my hero, he was the absolute top in watercolor. And also Read more

Direk Kingnok

Watercolour-Master uit Thailand

Direk Kingnok
is geboren in het noordoosten van Thailand en groeide op in de stad Nakonratchasima.
Waar Direk woonde was hij omringd door de natuur en dat is goed te zien in zijn werk.


Als kind was Read more

Take better Photos from your artwork


We know how it is, we have just finished our painting and like to make a good picture for your website, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever.
You look outside and it is a cloudy day, not really the right light … Read more

Schut Aquarel Papier

Een tijdje geleden werd ik benaderd door de Nederlandse papierfabriek Schut met de vraag of ik bekend was met hun producten met name in aquarelpapier, uiteraard kende ik Schut, vooral omdat als je begint met aquarel-leren iedereen wel de Terschelling … Read more

Chien Chung Wei 簡忠威


On the right is a translation button, you can translate it in the language you choose or want.

Soms, heel soms kom je een schilder tegen die virtuozer is dan alle andere schilders,
zo iemand is Chien Chung Wei, … Read more

Painting a misty scene Plein Air

Adrie Hoekstra and myself went painting on location, the weather forecast was sunny all day!
Well it wasn’t really the case in the morning. It was chilly, and I was happy I brought my fleece jacket.
But when we arrived
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Torre De Belem

25 years ago I bought a book from John Pike, and one of the paintings that stood out, was the one from Torre de Belèm.
It was just such a impressing watercolor, the light and the tower itself!
I said … Read more

Dagje schilderen met Kees van Aalst en Adrie Hello

Afgelopen Zaterdag 1 Juni was het dan zover, een dag over aquarelleren en technieken praten, en ook nog gezamenlijk wat schilderen. Adrie Hello was uit Dordrecht gekomen, en we hadden afgesproken bij Kees van Aalst thuis. Kees heeft een grote … Read more

Haarlem Vrouwen gasthuispoort

Arches 300 gr/m2
Watercolor and some Karisma colored Pencil

Poortje HaarlemPoortje-Haarlem-foto.jpg
The sign says:
OMdat W11wij oVt ende behoeftICh schenen VerLaten
Heeft HVgo Van AssendeLf hIer gestICht tonser baten

It was a guesthouse for woman only!




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The amazing art from Ch’ng Kiah Kiean born in Penang, Malaysia.
Usually he make use of Chinese Ink and watercolor.
For the drawing he uses self-made sharpened sticks from trees and bamboo branches.

The advantages for this kind of drawing … Read more


Learning from a master watercolorpainter is always good!
A few years ago I took some workshops from Kees van Aalst, and I learned a lot.
Just by watching and analysing watercolours, he showed me to be different in style, … Read more


The reference picture made by Adrie Hoekstra


After a simple sketch I make some marks with blue masking fluid, cause some fine lines are impossible to paint around.
I could make them afterwards with gouache, but the white of the … Read more


If you want to make wonderful watercolor figures, or landscapes that glow, you are on the right address with Mel Stabin. Mel is a American artist that wrote several books, and give workshops in this medium for a long time!
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Ik moet zeggen ik ben best trots op mijn eerste artikel in Palet. Toen ik net met schilderen begon, was Palet en tekenstift een geliefd blad, waar ik uren in kon bladeren en leren. 

Nu is het niet zo dat … Read more


I am so happy with my new/old book!
A book from Philip Jamison, a real master in watercolor.
His work look very simple, but still they are complex .
The counter change in his pictures is great!
The winterscenes are … Read more


Jaren geleden zag ik de serie Alwyn Crawshaw met zijn vrouw June op vakantie op Mallorca. De serie was door de BBC gemaakt, en was verdeeld in 8 afleveringen. Het was vooral hoe Alwyn zijn schilderijen maakte, wat mij zo … Read more