Three painters doing Gent

We thought about how it would be, if three painters, not seeing from each other how they paint a scene, they all paint the same subject and post it on the same date!

Well this is how it went.
I made this photo while I was on vacation in the Belgium town Gent, and I was always eager to try it, but could not decide how and with which colors,
so this photo I send to my friends Adrie Hello and Adrie Hoekstra.

The Image and subject of Three painters doing Gent

The effort from Adrie Hoekstra
Autodidact from IJmuiden, as the photo shows,
born with the brush between the fingers, and always try everything out creatively!



And the one from Adrie Hello
Adrie has been the painter of Dordrecht, he captures the light of the city that is so typical of Dordt, a melancholy painter who gets his inspiration from misty streets and looming of the big church!



And the one from me Edo Hannema
Well you know me! 😀



Nice to see how each artist have a different view on the same subject!


Adrie Hoekstra

Adrie Hello


This is actually a old post, that went lost when my website crashed last time!

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