Aubrey Phillips

Back in 1987 I began my journey in watercolor, eager to learn paint watercolors.
In those days I saw a great future in front of me. John Pike was my hero, he was the absolute top in watercolor. And also Read more

Perspective by Carl Purcell

Found on artist and Illustrator’s website

How to Paint from a Different Perspective –

Carl Purcell’s Step-by-Step guide

When it comes to painting, most of us are not using the truly artistic side of our brains. In an exclusive extract

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Een paar jaar geleden, ik was al een tijdje lid van het Yahoo photosharing programma FlickR, waar ik voor het eerst Carl Purcell zijn werk zag.
Zijn naam op Yahoo is Rock4art, dus die naam deed niet meteen een belletje … Read more


Learning from a master watercolorpainter is always good!
A few years ago I took some workshops from Kees van Aalst, and I learned a lot.
Just by watching and analysing watercolours, he showed me to be different in style, … Read more

The Art of Watercolour, the Art Magazine for Watercolourists

The Art of Watercolour, the Art Magazine for Watercolourists.


Best magazine for watercolor art artist!

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I did this picture a few years ago, in a plein air setting, always liked the place! The sheds are long gone, and I think the house is also already gone! My new Rowland Hilder book is very inspiring, so … Read more


If you want to make wonderful watercolor figures, or landscapes that glow, you are on the right address with Mel Stabin. Mel is a American artist that wrote several books, and give workshops in this medium for a long time!
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I am so happy with my new/old book!
A book from Philip Jamison, a real master in watercolor.
His work look very simple, but still they are complex .
The counter change in his pictures is great!
The winterscenes are … Read more


Een Vlaming in hart en nieren, een vriendelijke man!
Maar ook een kunstenaar en schilder.
Onlangs kocht ik het boek van Herman, gewoon bij Herman zelf,
Na een berichtje via de email, stuurde Herman het boek op en vertrouwde erop … Read more