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Warm Light over the river
A demo that is inspired by the artist Aubrey Philips
It is not followed by every brushstroke but the design and layout gives me the freedom to go a bit wild with colours.
I tried a other paper then usual. as you maybe know, Philips used Richard De Bas paper that is French paper with a rough corn. I never saw or painted on that so I tried a old block I did have. but it wasn’t quite as rough as I thought. But okay, a painter is not depending on his paper for a good painting. The skills to bring it to a reasonable end must be enough.

Colours used are
Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue
Light Red
Raw and Burnt Sienna
Hookers Green
Raw Umber
Neutral tint

A lot of colours I notice now
If you have a colourbox like this you have the tendency to dip in all the colours!

As you see a very warm watercolour full of reds and dark purples.

Follow the link for the youtube demo
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Enjoy and regards Edo


Lighthouse Demo available


  1. Love the painting! The limited palette is wonderful and atmospheric.

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