A quarter sheet of Canson Fontenay and three colors!
Well four if you count the snow also.
Of course I could have done the snow on forehand with masking fluid,
but you never know the effect it gets.
Will it be enough, or is it to much!
And I came upon the idea after I finished the painting.
It was already a snow-scene so that was helping too!
Its a tower in Amsterdam, and one of the prettier ones!


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4 thoughts on “MONTELBAAN TOWER

    1. Daar lijkt het wel op!
      Maar gelukkig zijn we bespaard gebleven van die sneeuw!
      Het geeft een prachtig effect, maar vaak is het bagger in het echt!
      Maar een tandenborstel en wat witte gouache, en je hebt een sprookje!

  1. Hi Edo. I remember when I first started painting I tried a painting with a limited palette. I must have another go. This painting is so beautiful … it proves that less is more and your snow looks very natural. Yet another fine watercolour!

  2. Thank you so much Ingrid, sorry for the delay!
    I dont get a warning someone posted something on here?
    I have to look into the options menu again!
    But you are always to kind with your friendly comments!
    Regards Edo

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