Painting a misty scene Plein Air

Adrie Hoekstra and myself went painting on location, the weather forecast was sunny all day!
Well it wasn’t really the case in the morning. It was chilly, and I was happy I brought my fleece jacket.
But when we arrived it was a gorgeous view. The mist above the marshes and the churches just appeared on the Horizon!

The first wash was a grey misty color with a warm touch above the horizon,
I washed the first tones on paper to establish the misty feel. After that, it did take ages to dry it seemed. When the paper was still damp, I painted the distant trees.
Then was the moment I must wait patiently that all was dry, so I could get along, without creating mud.
We did a coffee and Adrie did bring a traditional treat from Zeeland, the Dutch Zeeland that is!
The sun did came out some more, so I could go on, the churches were put in place with the rest of what was left on my palette,
and the distant line of trees also, I just added some warmer pigments to the same greys on the palette,
so I stayed in balance with my colors.
Grass on the right were done,middle and left, and I made sure it disappeared on the horizon, just by adding water.
I dropped some warm pigments in the wet washes. And I added some heavier color in the water, only in the front!
Drying time again!
After that, I added a few simple details, still not sure about the fence, but what can you do, its watercolor!
I mixed up a dark , and made the details.
For a more dramatic misty feeling, I brushed away some distance views, and decided it was done!
zicht op de Rijp
We did have a fine morning in the Eilandspolder.

This is a edited post, the pigment used are left out this time.

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