25 may 2016 was a wonderful day for me.
I was asked to become a ambassador for the wonderful paper of St.Cuthbertsmill.
I felt very honored and also knew it was a responsible job, because you have to deliver quality and paint on a regular bases.

Of course I did know that Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Thomas Schaller also painted on Saunders Waterford and I was already familiar with the 300lb version of Saunders Waterford and the good sizing qualities.

Saunders Waterford rough 640 lb

I also paint on Bockingford, a excellent watercolour paper for beginner and advanced painters. for example, the watercolour artists Edward Wesson and Ron Ranson did paint a lot on this paper. Wesson even asked if the factory could make a more heavier paper than the regular 140lb, and they made a 200lb for him and that is also the paper I use.

200lb Bockingford

My good friend Arie Jekel did bought a few sheets of Millford before I was a Ambassador from St.Cuthbertsmill and he did share a few sheets with me. I did fall instantly in love with this paper. The slightly water resistant surface was something I searched for for years! I saw Alwyn Crawshaw once in a movie make a brushstroke that was broken, and his brush was fully loaded with pigment and water. for years I tried to make this brushstroke. and there it appeared on the Millford! I was so happy that day! finally found something I looked for for years.

140lb Millford

So I received some Millford paper to try out from the factory, but also Saunders Waterford rough and Cold Pressed called NOT.
You feel as a child in a candy-store with all these wonderful papers. To try I divided the fulls heets (imperial size) in four quarters and started painting. And you know I paint a lot. Every free hour I am free from work I paint.

Saunders Waterford 140 lb CP

The Saunders Waterford range can take up a lot of pigment, you can almost keep loading up the pigment, the paper will take it with a softness that is almost magic. Look at Alvaro Castagnet his videos he paint really heavy and it dries like fine powder on this paper.

Saunders Waterford Rough 140lb

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