Two movies about Mixing pigments

I try to tell why it is you get mud sometimes when you mix watercolour pigments.
After awhile you have a palette with colours on it that works for you, and you know which paint you dont have to try to mix with others, and better can use on his own.

And other pigment you simply cannot go wrong with!
Images telling more then words, so a movie tells even more!

Maybe some of you have seen the movies all ready on my Facebook or You Tube channel.
The first one is a short movie about mixing your own (more fresher) browns.

The second one about making grays with three transparent colours!

The watercolour-sketch I made in the second movie.

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6 thoughts on “Two movies about Mixing pigments

  1. Edo, which red and which yellow are you using when you mix with the blue? I think that is with the Windsor Blue (or similar) Thanks.

    1. Hello Robyn, yes Winsor Blue green shade is best to make cool grays with Alizarine Crimson or any other cool red. and A transparent Yellow, I use Aurolien, but any transparent yellow is good! new Gamboge or Lemon yellow
      ps The red is from origine Rose Madder Genuine, but that is a very weak and expensive pigment!
      So Alizarine or Magenta is a good alternative.
      Next time (greens) 😉

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